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Global biopharmaceutical company


Company Information

AstraZeneca is a British pharmaceutical and biotechnology company headquartered in Cambridge, UK. Established in 1999, it is a global leader in drug development and sales, focusing on various therapeutic areas like cardiovascular, oncology, respiratory, and more. AstraZeneca is known for its research and development efforts, collaborating with partners worldwide, and has played a significant role in addressing global health challenges, including COVID-19, with the development of a COVID-19 vaccine.

 Application guidance

First Step-Submit application

At AstraZeneca, we recognise people are our greatest asset. Our recruitment approach ensures we continue to develop an inclusive workplace.

And throughout the recruitment process, we’ll be looking to see how you’ll add to – and thrive in - our culture and give you the space to make sure AstraZeneca is the right place for you. When you join, you are empowered to push the boundaries and unleash your entrepreneurial spirit. There’s no better place to make a difference to medicine, patients, and society.

Shortly after submitting your application, you will receive an email acknowledgment. We’ll review your application as quickly as possible; you should expect to hear back from us once the advert is closed. For Early Talent Programmes, it can take from four to eight weeks after the closing date before we can update you on the progress of your application.Careers - Our Company - AstraZeneca

Second Step - Application evaluation

For each career opportunity, we evaluate your application with the most appropriate selection methods according to the skills and knowledge required for the role.

Our Talent Acquisition team will confirm all the details of the recruitment process with you. You will attend either a virtual or in-person event at one of our site locations. For some opportunities, we use an interview scheduling assistance tool to connect with and you can expect to be contacted via SMS or email.

Third Step-Interviews and assessment

The objective for the interview and assessment is to gain a better understanding of each other. Our hiring team is looking forward to hearing what you want to learn more about with this exciting opportunity.