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Company Information

BDO (an acronym for Binder Dijker Otte) is an international network of public accounting, tax, consulting and business advisory firms that provide professional services under the name BDO. It is the fifth-largest accounting network in the world. Global fee income of the member firms in the network for the year ended 30 September 2021, including the members of their exclusive alliances, totaled US$11.8 billion.

The firm was founded in 1903 as Stoy and Co by Fred Stoy. In 1919, Jack Hayward joined the firm and it became Stoy Hayward and Co. A series of mergers with Finnie and Co in 1992 and the BDO Binder Hamlyn offices that did not join Arthur Andersen or Deloitte & Touche in 1994 created BDO Stoy Hayward, which became the UK member of BDO International. The firm became a limited liability partnership in 2004.The names 'Stoy Hayward' were dropped in October 2009, adopting the worldwide branding of BDO.

BDO LLP is a partnership of chartered accountants in the United Kingdom. In November 2018, BDO and Moore Stephens announced plans to merge their UK businesses, putting BDO ahead of Grant Thornton as the fifth-largest accountancy firm in the UK. The deal was completed in February 2019.

Application Guidance

First Step - Apply Online

You need to demonstrate a deep understanding of the role and business area you're applying for. Detail your academic background, work experience and extracurricular activities. We’re interested in what you’ve done, but even more interested in what you do well and enjoy.


Second Step - HiPo-i Assessment 

If your online application meets our criteria, we’ll invite you to complete our Interactive Assessment. This is a blended assessment that consists of numerical and situational tests and a behavioural assessment. In some cases we’ll look at your abstract reasoning abilities as well as or instead of numerical. Our behavioural assessments will look at how you overcome challenges, how you work towards goals and how you make decisions.

Third Step - Video Interview

We’ll be looking  for evidence of what you do well and enjoy doing in your video interview to make sure you're a good fit for our firm. We want to find the right candidates for our organisation, but we also want you to find the right employer.

Set the scene
Dress as you would for a normal interview. Keep any notes far away so that you are not tempted to read them when answering questions. Keep an eye on the time so that you don’t run over.

Think your answers through
We need to understand what you’re good at. That’s why we use a competency-based interview as part of our selection process. This means we’ll ask you to tell us about what you’ve done before; specific experiences that will show us a Situation, Task, Action and Result. It’s called the STAR approach.

Fourth Step - Virtual Assessment Center

Our Virtual Assessment Centre is a chance to find out more about the roles and whether they are right for you. You’ll take part in a continuous assessment with some key objectives to achieve by the end of the day.

Even if you’re unsuccessful in securing a role at BDO on this occasion, we’ll provide you with feedback to help you improve on your performance in the future. We want you to succeed as much as you do.

Do your research
Take some time to find out more about us. This will help you to think about any questions you’d like us to answer. There’s a wealth of information out there about BDO. This will tell you what other people think of us. Together, all of this information will build your own personal picture of what we’re like and whether we’re the right employer for you.

Dressing for a face-to-face interview
We may offer Agile and home working, but a professional appearance is always important.

Ask us questions
This is an opportunity for you to learn about the role and understand which areas you would like to explore further. Prepare questions ahead of your assessment but also ensure you ask questions based on the discussion with your adviser, so you really understand the role and BDO.

BDO Assessment Centre Process Introduction

Candidates will be expecting to have case study, 1-to-1 interview, Catch up(Table analysis) and group discussion in BDO Assessment. The order of the assessment process are not fixed, the 1 on 1 interview may precede case study.

2. Catch Up

This session will provide a simple business table or chart. Candidates will have 15 minutes to prepare and 5 minutes to response. Each assessment will have different table.

3. 1-to-1 Interview

The one-on-one interview will last about 30-45 minutes, the questions will vary depending on the interviewer, but the main questions are 3 why questions and scenario based questions, for example

1. how to face various challenges in life?

2. how to handle multi-tasks?

3. how to get the group to integrate better into the meeting?

4. Group Discussion

The group interview is divided into two parts, part 1 material is the same for all of us, part 2 material is different for each of the four people. There are fifteen minutes to read the material, after which the assessor will assign a person to answer their own part in order.

The four parts are: CEO (technology), CFO (grants), CMO (competitveness), CHRO (employee wellbeing);

Each person speaks for two minutes, and after all four people have spoken, there is a ten-minute group discussion. 

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BDO Interactive Assessment Walkthrough

Interactive Assessment will take you approximately 45 minutes to complete and will consist of a number of situational judgement questions, along with some numerical and verbal reasoning items, and will conclude with a video interview.

1. Situational Judgement Test

Situational Judgement Test is a test used to assess someone's decision making and judgement. The candidate will be presented with a work-like situation and a number of possible actions/responses they could take.

2. Verbal Reasoning Test

The Verbal Reasoning Test for BDO Interactive Assessment will be presented in the form of email in work situation.

3. Numerical Reasoning Test

The Numerical Reasoning Test for BDO Interactive Assessment will be presented in the form of email in work situation.

4. Video Interview

The Video Interview of BDO Interactive Assessment contains four questions and candidates can take a break from the assessment before completing this stage. There will be a chance to complete one video interview question in the practice test.

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