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The largest electricity company in France


Company Information

EDF, short for "Électricité de France," is the largest electricity company in France and one of the largest power companies globally. Founded in 1946, EDF is a state-owned company headquartered in Paris. It is primarily engaged in power generation, transmission, distribution, and sales.

EDF operates in a wide range of power generation sources, including nuclear, thermal, hydro, wind, solar, and others. The company has a substantial presence in both the French domestic and international markets, running nuclear power plants, developing renewable energy projects, providing electricity to industrial and residential customers, and offering energy consulting and services.

As a major electricity supplier in France, EDF plays a crucial role in maintaining the stability and sustainability of the country's electricity supply. Additionally, EDF operates in other countries, including the United Kingdom, the United States, and other nations, to provide power and energy-related services.

Application guidance

First Step - Online Application Form

Applications are received from our EDF Careers Site. You `ll be prompted to create a user account when applying for a role and by doing this you`ll be able to view jobs and check on application statuses.

Be targeted and clear in your programme choice we can only accept an application for one programme, so take the time to research which one is best for you. If you do have any questions contact one of the team at before applying for the role.

On application you`ll be asked to complete a short application form that provides some basic

information about you and your academic qualifications. It `s important you read this carefully

and check through it before submitting.Jobs and careers with EDF (

Second Step - Online Assessments

On applying your application will be reviewed and successful candidates will be progressed to the assessment stage.

Third Step - Video Interview

Successful candidates at online assessment will be asked to complete a video interview

Fourth step-Assessment Centre / Interview

The final stages of the recruitment process will vary, depending on what type of programme you have applied for:

Graduates、you will do an assessment centre, which includes a 'live ' video interview

Apprentices、you will do an assessment centre, which includes a 'live ' video interview

Industrial Placements – you will do an interview